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Graduate Fellows Program

The Clements Graduate Fellows program aims to create a sense of community and intellectual exchange among doctoral students in history, political science, area studies, and public affairs. Students in these fields, too often isolated from one another by artificial disciplinary boundaries, have much to learn from one another in the study of foreign policy and national security. Above all, the Fellows program encourages students aiming for academic jobs to consider the policy implications of their work and students aiming for policy careers to draw skillfully on academic knowledge, especially history. 

The group – roughly 20 graduate students in a given year – meets for regular lunches throughout the academic year. Some sessions are devoted to discussions with visiting scholars, while in others Fellows critique each other’s scholarly work. Fellows are also expected to attend Clements Center activities such as conferences, lectures, and workshops. Several fellows have received short-term research grants from the Clements Center to visit the National Archives, the Library of Congress, various presidential libraries, and other archives in the United States and overseas. 

Clements Graduate Fellows, 2018-2019


John Lisle
Kazushi Minami
Clay Katsky
John Gleb
Augusta Dell’Omo
Paula O’Donnell
Holly McCarthy
Rebecca Johnston
Emily Whalen
James Martin
Carl Forsberg


Charles Zug
Hans-Inge Langø
Josh Landry
Julie Phillips
Michael Gibbs
Megan Farrell

LBJ School

Diana Bolsinger
Ashlyn Webb
Jeremy Kasper
Bryan Frizzelle
Jodi Rosenstein

Middle Eastern Studies

Paul Edgar

Mechanical Engineering

Jay Johnson   


David Wannlund

For more information, please contact Mark Lawrence, Director of Graduate Programs, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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