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A Review of "The Cold War and After: History, Theory, and the Logic of International Politics"

Jul 03, 2014

Executive Director William Inboden has published a review of Marc Trachtenberg's book The Cold War and After: History, Theory, and the Logic of International Politics. The review appears in the upcoming Journal of Strategic Studies, and can be accessed online here.

Executive Director Publishes Op-Ed in the Dallas Morning News About Bill Clements' Legacy

Nov 20, 2013

Executive Director Professor William Inboden writes in the Dallas Morning News about Bill Clements' legacy.

Statecraft, Decision-Making, and the Varieties of Historical Experience: A Taxonomy

Nov 11, 2013

The Journal of Strategic Studies published an article by Professor Inboden that constructs a taxonomy of the various ways that national security policy-makers attempt to use history. It identifies four types of history: experience, memory, tradition, and study.

Prof. Inboden Writes on the Recent History of French Involvement in the Middle East

Nov 12, 2013

Professor Inboden, Executive Director of the Clements Center and curator of the Shadow Govt. blog on, wrote about the U.S.-French relations in his recent blog post.

The Prophetic Conflict: Reinhold Niebuhr, Christian Realism, and World War II

Aug 20, 2013

Read William Inboden’s article published in the May 2013 edition of Diplomatic History.