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Exec. Director Will Inboden and Academic Board member Peter Feaver coauthor defense of President George W. Bush's impact on the international order and American power

Jul 26, 2019

Dr. Inboden and Dr. Feaver respond to Fareed Zakaria’s recent article in Foreign Affairs, which is critical of the Bush's foreign policy record. 

Michael Green of CSIS interviews Exec. Director Will Inboden on "The Asia Chessboard" podcast

Jul 15, 2019

In the latest episode of this new podcast series from the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Dr. Green and Dr. Inboden unpack popular misconceptions about the application of history to grand strategy and discuss the critical place of values in American foreign policy. They also preview Dr. Inboden's forthcoming book on the Reagan administration.

Executive Director & LBJ School Assoc. Professor Will Inboden reflects on the history of NATO on its 70th anniversary

Apr 04, 2019

In an op-ed for CNN, Dr. Inboden explores the history of NATO to offer a perspective on the unique value of the alliance.