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"When Should Governments Intervene to Prevent Human Suffering in Other Countries?"

Sep 04, 2014

Clements Center Graduate Fellow Peter Harris, with the assistance of an article by Grad Fellow Brian McNeil, published an article in The National Interest about humanitarian intervention.

Graduate Fellow Peter Harris in The National Interest

Aug 14, 2014

In The National Interest piece titled "Obama and the Ghost of Lyndon Johnson," Peter Harris compares the foreign policy agendas of Obama and LBJ. 

Munich's Lessons for the Ukraine Crisis

Mar 05, 2014

Peter Harris, Clements Center Graduate Fellow, likened the current situation in Ukraine, and Russia's intentions in the region, to the 1938 crisis when western elites tried to appease Nazi Germany in his piece in the National Interest titled "Munich's Lessons for the Ukraine Crisis."

Peter Harris, Clements Graduate Fellow, Writes About China in The National Interest

Jan 23, 2014

In his piece "The American People Aren't Ready for China" published on January 23rd, Peter Harris compares the current debates in the U.S. surrounding the rise of China with the historical approaches taken by states to rising powers.

International Security, Environmental Protection, and Human Rights in the British Indian Ocean Territory

Jan 08, 2014

Clements Center Graduate Fellow and Government Department Ph.D. candidate Peter Harris recently published two pieces addressing international security, environmental protection and human rights in the British Indian Ocean Territory.