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Faculty Fellow Joshua Busby analyzes recent polling data on international engagement for Foreign Policy

Nov 03, 2020

A new article for Foreign Policy from Joshua Busby, distinguished scholar at the Strauss Center,  makes the claim for a much smaller divide between the U.S. foreign policy establishment and the public at large that previously thought. With support from both the Strauss and Clements Centers the recent polling shows that "contrary to the notion that the foreign policy establishment and the public are moving further apart, the gap between the two has actually narrowed during the Trump presidency."

Texas National Security Network at UT Austin sponsors poll confirming sustained public confidence in U.S. Intelligence

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Jul 11, 2019

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs recently published results from the second round of an annual poll, sponsored by the Texas National Security Network at the University of Texas at Austin, which aims to shed light on Americans’ perceptions of the intelligence community. Steve Slick (Intelligence Studies Project Director), Joshua Busby (Clements Center Faculty Fellow), and Kingsley Burns (Chancellors Scholar and Clements Center Graduate Portfolio student) co-authored a summary of the findings in Lawfare. 

Congress is Already Post-Partisan: Agreement Across the Aisle on U.S. Foreign Policy

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Jan 28, 2013

Clements Center Executive Director William Inboden and colleagues Joshua Busby, Jonathan Monten, and Jordan Tama discuss