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Munich's Lessons for the Ukraine Crisis

Mar 05, 2014

Peter Harris, Clements Center Graduate Fellow, likened the current situation in Ukraine, and Russia's intentions in the region, to the 1938 crisis when western elites tried to appease Nazi Germany in his piece in the National Interest titled "Munich's Lessons for the Ukraine Crisis."

Russian Refusal to Pay the Price for Membership in G-8

Mar 03, 2014

In an opinion piece for The New York Times, Clements Center Director William Inboden argues recent events in Ukraine prove that Russia does not respect the responsibility and requirements of G-8 membership and should not enjoy its privileges and prestige.

Professor Inboden and "Bringing Freedom House to the White House"

Jan 27, 2014

In his latest Shadow Government post on, Executive Director William Inboden recognizes the release of the latest nonpartisan report issued by Freedom House titled "Freedom in the World."

Prof. Inboden Writes on the Recent History of French Involvement in the Middle East

Nov 12, 2013

Professor Inboden, Executive Director of the Clements Center and curator of the Shadow Govt. blog on, wrote about the U.S.-French relations in his recent blog post.

Clements Graduate Fellow Writes for China Journal at Yale

Oct 28, 2013

Clements Center Graduate Fellow and UT History PhD student Carl Forsberg recently wrote a piece for the new China Journal at Yale China Hands.