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"Remembering General Paik Sun-yup" by predoctoral fellow Jehan Park published in Council on Foreign Relations

Jul 15, 2020

In the weeks following the passing of General Paik Sun-yup and the 70th anniversary of the Korean War, predoctoral fellow Jaehan Park reflects on the general's life in this Council on Foreign Relations opinion piece. 

Faculty Fellow Sheena Greitens and Julian Gewirtz author new Foreign Affairs piece critiquing Chinese methodologies in public health

Jul 10, 2020

Sheena Chestnut Greitens, a Clements Faculty Fellow, and Julian Gewirtz, a participant at our Summer seminar, have co-authored a new article in Foreign Affairs: "China’s Troubling Vision for the Future of Public Health," which analyzes and critiques the Chinese government's methods of public health.

Jeune Kim, Professional Development Fund and Security Studies Portfolio student, publishes op-ed with HRNK

Jul 09, 2020

Jeune Kim, a Master's candidate at the Lyndon B Johnson School of Public Affairs, and an affiliate with the Clements Center as a Professional Development Fund and Security Studies Portfolio student, has had her newest op-ed published as part of Human Rights in North Korea's "NK Hidden Gulag Blog." She discusses the legitimacy of diplomatic engagement with the North Korean regime while it continues rampant abuse of human rights. 

Sheena Greitens quoted in South China Morning Post on mainland security forces in Hong Kong

Jul 08, 2020

Our faculty fellow Sheena Greitens has been quoted by the South China Morning Post on a new article about the Chinese Government's new national security team in Hong Kong. 

“Since Xi’s ascent, we’ve seen more statements about the need to prevent diffusion of political threats from abroad into China. Hong Kong has always been one site where the Chinese Communist Party is particularly sensitive or prone to seeing foreign infiltration aimed at destabilizing the party."

What's the Role of America in American Foreign Policy?

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Jul 06, 2020

In this episode of Horns of a Dilemma, Frank Gavin, chair of the editorial board of the Texas National Security Review, sits down with Fredrik Logevall and Daniel Bessner, authors of “Recentering the United States in the Historiography of American Foreign Relations,” which appeared in the Spring 2020 edition of TNSR. This article discusses a trend in the academic history community, to try to seek explanations other than the role of the United States for major events in the world. While this had salutary effects on the field, it has also had the perverse effect of underplaying the role of United States — the most powerful actor in the post-1945 world — on global politics. It also has led to overstating the role of international developments on the conduct of U.S. foreign policy which, the authors argue, was primarily driven by American domestic factors. In this wide-ranging interview, Gavin, Logevall, and Besnner, discuss the process of working on the article, the movements in history to which they are responding, as well as the response that they’ve seen to the article.