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Postdoctoral Fellow Emily Whalen interviews Charlie Laderman on his latest publication for the Toynbee Prize Foundation

Apr 14, 2021

Follow the link to read the fantastic Toynbee Prize Foundation interview of Charlie Laderman on his most recent publication. Sharing the Burden: The Armenian Question, Humanitarian Intervention and Anglo-American Visions of Global Order, conducted by Dr. Emily Whalen.

Senior National Security Fellow General Vince Brooks and the Korea Defense Veterans Association release their 2020 Annual Report

Apr 05, 2021

Korea Defense Veterans Association, a critical publication that our very own Senior National Security Fellow General Vince Brooks serves as Chairman, releases their 2020 Annual Report. 

General Vincent Brooks a member of CSIS Commission that recently released a report on the Korean Peninsula

Mar 29, 2021

Gen. Vince Brooks participates in a CSIS Commission to create a report on U.S. relations with the Korean Peninsula. 

Predoctoral Fellow, Jaehan Park, takes a deep dive into the Korean peninsula's geopolitical position in his latest for Science Direct

Mar 24, 2021

Park draws from strategic history to make five observations on the Korean Peninsula and its geopolitical positioning. Follow the link to read the complete article.