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Executive Director publishes book review of Bush biography for Foreign Policy

Aug 16, 2016

Executive Director Will Inboden wrote a review of Jean Edward Smith's new biography of former President George W. Bush for Foreign Policy's Shadow Government. 

Intelligence Planks for a Sturdy National Security Platform

Jun 28, 2016

ISP Director Steve Slick offers recommendations on how presidential candidates can improve their national security platform.

"Intelligence in American Society" Report Published

Jun 28, 2016

LBJ students participated in an ISP-sponsored Policy Research Project during the 2015-2016 academic year on the oversight of U.S. Intelligence, led by ISP Director Steve Slick and Clements Center Executive Director Will Inboden

Why the Brexit Isn’t a Boost for Trump

Jun 27, 2016

Executive Director Will Inboden discusses the similarities of the UK Leave campaign and Trump's presidential campaign in Foreign Policy

How LBJ managed to overcome opposition to his Great Society

Jun 16, 2016

Director of Graduate Studies, Mark Lawrence, reviews Randall Woods' new book "Prisoner of Hope."