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Nicholas Romanow, Undergraduate Fellow, authors new piece in The Bulwark on US Citizenship in 2020

Jul 06, 2020

One of our undergraduate fellows, Nick Romanow, has published a new piece in The Bulwark recounting the story of his naturalization process during these turbulent times, and what citizenship means in the United States today.

Jim Golby and Peter Feaver publish "Military Prestige During a Political Crisis: Use It and You’ll Lose It"

Jun 14, 2020

Senior Fellow Jim Golby and Academic Board Member Peter Feaver examine the effects and consequences of political leaders politicizing the military in War on the Rocks.

Faculty fellow Jim Golby co-authors new Task and Purpose article: "The case for rethinking the politicization of the military"

Jun 12, 2020

Faculty fellow Jim Golby and Mara Karlin have written an article in Task and Purpose to discuss the politicalization of the US Military. 

"We don’t want a military that is “apolitical”; we instead want a military that avoids partisanship, institutional endorsements, and electoral influence. Those topics should stay off limits, but politics are too critical to be entirely ignored by the military. The military is a political creature — it’s time for it to consider what that means in a more practical and appropriate manner."

New article from faculty fellow Jim Golby "The Role of the US Military in Quelling Domestic Protests."

Jun 12, 2020

Faculty Fellow Jim Golby discusses civ-mil relations in new United States Studies Center article from Sydney University: "The Role of the US Military in Quelling Domestic Protests."

Associate Director Paul Edgar joins Faculty Fellow Jeremi Suri on "This is Democracy" to talk military roles in democracy

Jun 10, 2020

The new episode of “This is Democracy” examines the evolving role of the military in a democratic society and the limits on how leaders can deploy force. Hosted by faculty fellow Jeremi Suri and featuring our Associate Director, Paul Edgar.