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Sharing the Burden: The Armenian Crisis and Anglo-American Power Transition Podcast

Dec 06, 2019

Charlie Laderman, lecturer in international history at the War Studies Department at King’s College, discusses his book Sharing the Burden: The Armenian Question, Humanitarian Intervention, and Anglo-American Visions of Global Order. Laderman talks about the mass killing and death of Armenians during the period that preceded and shortly followed the independence of the Turkish Republic. The subject of this episode focuses on the question of how this incident signaled the rise of a global order based simultaneously on liberalism, sovereignty, and a commitment to human rights. 

Donald Trump’s 1950s Self-Help Foreign Policy

Feb 10, 2017

UT Harrington Fellow Charlie Laderman writes for Foreign Policy about the history of President Trump's worldview.

The Forgotten Senator, Statesmen, and Nobel Laureate Elihu Root

Nov 30, 2016

Harrington Fellow Charlie Laderman is interviewed for the Library of Congress' Kluge Center podcast. 

Sharing the Burden? The American Solution to the Armenian Question, 1918-1920

Oct 26, 2015

Charlie Laderman a Professor at Cambridge University and panelist at the Clements Center's conference at King's College London titled "Grand Strategy and the Anglo-American World View" recently published an article in Diplomatic History titled, "Sharing the Burden? The American Solution to the Armenian Question, 1918-1920."