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Executive Director analyzes challenges ahead for new Secretary of State

Mar 13, 2018

CC Executive Director Will Inboden writes that "Secretary of State-designate Mike Pompeo will inherit a profound set of policy and management challenges" for Foreign Policy.

Will Pope Francis Surrender to China?

Feb 15, 2018

In an article for Foreign Policy, CC Executive Director Will Inboden discusses the current negotiations between the Chinese government and the Vatican and explains the historical context and significance of an agreement. 

Historical Context of the State of the Union Address

Feb 05, 2018

CC Graduate Fellow Charles Zug joins with Connor Ewing to discuss the history of the State of the Union address for the Washington Post

Mapping Ideology in the Age of Trump

Feb 05, 2018

CC Associate Director Paul D. Miller looks at the ideologies of realism, liberalism, and isolationism in the Trump administration for a recent article in War on the Rocks. 

Fuzzy Thinking About Drones

Jan 31, 2018

CC Predoctoral Fellow and Oxford International Relations doctoral candidate, Jon Askonas, joins with JTAC Colby Howard to write for War on the Rocks about drone policy.