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Strategic Uncertainty, the Third Offset, and US Grand Strategy

Mar 29, 2017

Postdoctoral Fellow Ionut Popescu wrote an article on US grand strategy for the US Army War College's academic journal Parameters.

Lessons from the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

Dec 06, 2016

Writing for the Dallas Morning News and Austin American-Statesmen, Executive Director Will Inboden argues that the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attacks should remind Americans that the world is a better place when the U.S. leads from the front. 

Trump Will Need a New Law to Put Mattis Back in the Pentagon

Nov 22, 2016

Professor Robert Chesney discusses the law in place that may prohibit Marine General James Mattis from becoming the next Secretary of Defense in his latest article for War on the Rocks

To do better in the Middle East, listen less to our hearts and more to our experts

Nov 17, 2016

Graduate Fellow Emily Whalen writes a guest column for Foreign Policy about how historical lessons from the Suez Crisis can help the President-elect avoid a foreign policy crisis in the Middle East. 

From Now On, Let’s Hold Intelligence Briefings After the Election

Nov 07, 2016

ISP Director Steve Slick argues in Foreign Policy that intelligence briefings should not start until after the presidential election.