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The destruction of Alderaan was not justified

Luke Perez Nov 06, 2015

Clements Center Graduate Fellow Luke Perez recently published an op-ed in The Duck of Minerva, an academic IR blog, discussing just war in Star Wars.

"The Empire apologists are making their case, and it is convincing. Perhaps we were wrong all along to support the Rebellion.  But that doesn’t mean we should let the Empire off the hook entirely.

This week for example, Sonny Bunch argues in the Washington Post that the destruction of Alderaan in Episode IV of Star Wars was completely justified. This article is interesting, thought provoking, and wrong – seeking to excuse what is, by any measure, a gross and tragic violation of just war principles. Whatever merits the Empire, whatever flaws the Rebellion, any truly reflective and honest empirical assessment of the Empire’s action at Alderaan will admit that its destruction was a tragic moral failing."

Click here to read the full article. 

Photo Courtesy of The Duck of Minerva