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Summer Seminar in History and Statecraft: 2019 Highlights

Aug 26, 2019

This July, the Clements Center hosted its sixth annual Summer Seminar in History and Statecraft in Beaver Creek, Colorado.

This highly selective program, made possible through the generous support of the Smith Richardson Foundation, brought together 20 doctoral students from premier universities in the U.S. and abroad, including American, California – Berkeley, Columbia, Tufts, George Washington, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Oxford and King’s College London. Seminar participants discussed the relationship between history and policy with distinguished policymakers and academics, including Frank Gavin, Kori Schake, Rebecca Lissner, Philip Zelikow, Robert Zoellick, and several members of the Clements Center and University of Texas faculty network. Students participated in seminars such as “Great Power Transition from UK to US,” History and Contemporary Sino-American Rivalry: Thucydides, World War I or the Cold War?” and “Recovering Policy Competence: The Software of American Public Problem Solving.”

Learn more about the Summer Seminar program here.


We turned several sessions into podcasts! Listen to "An Interview with Robert Jervis – Reflections on Political Science, Politics, and Policy", Jim Steinberg's "The Good Friday Agreement – Ending War And Ending Conflict In Northern Ireland" and Derek Chollet and Jim Goldgeier's “From 11/9 to 9/11 to 11/9: Is this the End of the American Era.”


Summer Seminar 2019 Participants:

Paul Behringer, American University
Jordan Bernhardt, Stanford University
Karst Brandsma, Tufts University
Todd Carter, University of Oxford
Donald Casler, Columbia University
Matt Dietz, Unversity of North Texas
Paul Edgar, University of Texas
Alex Evans, University of Texas
Francesca Ghiretti, Kings College London
Jeremy Gwinn, Tufts University, The Fletcher School
Dung Huynh, Pardee RAND Graduate School
Kendrick Kuo, George Washington University
Torey McMurdo, Yale University
Aroop Mukharji, Harvard University
Jaehan Park, Johns Hopkins SAIS
Katrina Ponti, University of Rochester
Will Quinn, Johns Hopkins SAIS
Laura Resnick Samotin, Columbia University
Varsha Venkatasubramanian, University of California, Berkeley
Brandon Williams, University of California, Berkeley
Diana Wueger, University of Chicago


Here are a few photos from the week: 


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Zelikow candid 2