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Summer Seminar in History and Statecraft: 2018 Highlights

Aug 14, 2018

Each July, the Clements Center convenes a week long seminar for doctoral students focused on the connections between statecraft and history. 

During the week of July 22 – 27, the Clements Center hosted its fifth annual Summer Seminar in History and Statecraft at the Beaver Creek resort in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. This highly selective program, made possible through the generous support of the Smith Richardson Foundation, brought together 19 doctoral students from premier universities in the U.S. and the U.K., such as Stanford, Princeton, Duke, Columbia, King’s College London, Georgetown, Wisconsin, MIT, and Ohio State, among others. Seminar participants discussed the relationship between history and policy with distinguished policymakers and academics, ranging from Robert Zoellick and Kori Schake to Philip Zelikow, Colin Kahl, Francis Gavin, Robert Jervis, David Gordon, and several members of the Clements Center and University of Texas faculty network. The students were grateful and the response from them was extremely positive. In one of the many thank-you notes the Center received, a student participant observed that “we all left with a much better understanding of the important role of history in the National Security policy-making process…I am very glad a program exists like yours to provide a vital missing piece of their education and preparation for future jobs in academia, policy development, or public service.”

Learn more about the Summer Seminar program here.

Summer Seminar 2018 Participants:

Marc Aidinoff, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Neha Ansari, Tufts University
Nandita Balakrishnan, Stanford University
Susan Colbourn, University of Toronto
Scott Cuomo, Georgetown University
Whitney Grespin, King's College London
Alexis Herrera Moreno, King's College London
Nicholas Kaderbhai, King's College London
Joseph Ledford, University of California
James Lee, Princeton University
So Jin Lee, Duke University
Theo Milonopoulos, Columbia University
Nathaniel Moir, State University of New York (SUNY), Albany
Christoph Nitschke, University of Oxford
Brian North, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Gary Sampson, Tufts University
Madison Schramm, Georgetown University
Kate Tietzen, Kansas State University
Max von Bargen, Ohio State University

Here are a few photos from the week: 



Jervis 1