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Ambition Meets Reality for Global Britain

William James Nov 27, 2017

William James, a doctoral candidate in international relations at Oxford and recent CC Summer Seminar participant, wrote for War on the Rocks about British global strategy.

James notes that "upon assuming office in June 2016, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson set out his vision for Britain as a 'great global player.' Since then, the notion of 'Global Britain' has come to dominate the government’s narrative." This shift has paralleled calls from allies like the United States and Japan for renewed British engagement with the world.   

James benefited from Summer Seminar sessions designed to help scholars publish policy-relevant research in major news outlets. One of these sessions was led by War on the Rocks founder, CEO, and Editor-in-Chief Ryan Evans. The Summer Seminar is a unique and invaluable opportunity for young scholars who aim to bridge the divide between academia and policymaking. 

Learn more about the CC Summer Seminar here.

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